The search for the perfect mini doll

Welcome to Bitsy World! 

I created Bitsy World because I wanted a plastic free version of the mini dolls that were already out there. I wanted to provide the variety they provided but with more of an eco-friendly approach. 

Our mini dolls are made from carefully selected natural, and biodegradable materials. From organic cotton clothing to plant based dyes, we ensure that every aspect of our dolls is gentle on both your child and the planet. 


collection of mini dolls for a dollhouse


We are a family business

My daughter is my inspiration and daily motivation. She was one year old when I started on this journey and now, she is going on 7.  She has joined me in the daily creation process and helps sort, trace, cut and design. She is also one of the BEST little models I know. 

Together we work hard to make sure that Bitsy World continues to run smoothly and sustainably and with quality care. 

little girl helping her mom make mini dolls 


Our Bitsy Process

We are currently working with a US based, toy manufacturing company, who is willing to create small batches of our eco-friendly Bitsy dolls. Each of these dolls are still 100% handmade with quality and care. As of 2023, we will have a mix of small batch manufactured bears as well as piggy's, hedgies and kitties that will still be crafted in our in-home studio. By 2024, our hope is to be able to transition to all Bitsy dolls being manufactured in small batch form. In this way we hope to grow as sustainably as possibly, without sacrificing quality. 


Our mission with Bitsy world is to provide quality toys that will be loved for years to come. We aim to create a better world through better play, by producing eco-friendly products. Our children deserve a beautiful world to grow up in and so do yours. 

You can read more about our mission here

We are so happy you are here and want to be a part of our Bitsy World! 


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