Sustainability Promise

Our Plastic Free Promise

Here in Bitsy World, We care for all creatures, mini and big alike. We want to do our very best to protect and conserve their homes by reducing waste as much as possible. 


All of our packaging is either reusable, curbside recyclable and or biodegradable. 

We have a made a conscious effort to source planet friendly packing supplies and to make sure that, even though our packaging is as cute as can be, there need not be an excess of waste. We will only use filler paper as needed and all else will be minimal yet lovely. We believe small steps like this can create a big impact over time. 


Our Mini Animal dolls are sustainably made 

It is important to us that our Bitsy dolls are as eco-friendly and sustainably made as possible. 


  • Each mini doll is crafted from 100% cotton
  • We work with a small batch manufacturer, here in the USA and they support the rights and well-being of their workers. 
  • Each mini accessory for our dolls is made using 100% organic fabric, dead stock fabric and or reclaimed fabrics. Our hope is to keep as much fabric as we can, out of our landfills. Over 21 billion pounds of textile waste goes to landfills each year. Any little bit we can do helps! Each clothing item is handmade in our home studio and we will continue to keep this handmade aspect of the brand. 
  • All of our dolls features are embroidered on so, there are no plastic pieces. Only soft, cute, lovable faces. 


Child Safe 

Each of our products are crafted to the highest US standards. All fabrics are exempt from lead and flammability tests. We are registered with the CPSC and our small batch number is 033252-022018.


Each piece is created using only the highest quality of sustainable materials.


Play Satisfaction 

Not 100% in LOVE with your new friend? That's okay, you can send it back hassle free within 15 days. 


Customer Support

If you have any questions, we will have the answers! Feel free to reach out via email at and someone will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours, during business days. Our days and hours of operation are Mon-Fri,  10am-6pm CST. Please note: We are a small family owned business but we aim to answer all inquiries as soon as humanly possible.