Mini Dolls that encourage pretend play.

Welcome to Bitsy World. Our adorable mini dolls are crafted to inspire pretend play and a love of creativity and storytelling. Our commitment to quality ensures that each mini doll is not just a toy but a gateway to a world of imaginative adventures.

Mini Dolls for big imaginations!

At Bitsy World, we believe in the power of big imaginations! Our mini dolls are specially crafted for those who dream big and play bigger. Each detail in our collection is designed to ignite creativity and inspire limitless possibilities. So, whether your little one envisions a magical kingdom or a bustling animal town, our mini dolls are the perfect companions for their grand adventures. Let imagination take the lead with our Bitsy friends.

Our Mini Dolls

Bitsy World Mini dolls are crafted with the upmost attention to detail. Each doll reflects the beauty of nature, from their eco-friendly clothing to their tiny, eco-conscious accessories.

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Nature Inspired Designs

Mini Doll Accessories

Step into miniature boutique of cuteness with our Bitsy Mini Doll Outfits and Accessories. The perfect fit for our dollhouse sized dolls.

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Sustainable Adventure!

Bitsy World is more than just a toy brand - We're a movement for change. With every mini doll you purchase, you're joining us in a mission to reduce plastic waste and inspire eco-conscious choices in the next generation.

Sustainability is our mission

Lovingly Handcrafted

Our mission with Bitsy world is to provide quality, mini dolls that will be loved for years to come. We aim to create a better world through better play, by producing eco-friendly products. Our children deserve a beautiful world to grow up in and so do yours. 

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  • "....I knew how special they were from the photos, but holding these babies in my hand....the quality and attention to detail is mind blowing. These are sturdy and so well made. They are Heirloom toys we will treasure......"


  • "So unique, adorable and well made. I cannot recommend this shop enough. You won't find items like this ANYWHERE else! "

    -Christina W.

Embrace a Sustainable future

When you choose Bitsy World Dolls, you're choosing a guilt-free playtime experience for your child. Our mini dolls are the perfect companions for eco-conscious families who want to make the world a better place, one playdate at a time.

Join us on a journey of plastic-free, eco-friendly play through our whimsical mini dolls. Together we can make a world of difference, one mini dolls at a time.

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