Bitsy World News

Children playing with plastic free dollhouse mini dolls
It's almost time for the Bitsy Dolls to make their debut. Our friends tend to sell out VERY quickly so........
I'm going to let you in on a secret. If you are REALLY wanting to adopt one of our Bitsy friends, you should sign up for the Bitsy World Newsletter. 
If you are counting on catching the drop date and time announcement via Instagram..... Well, that may cause you to miss out. I cannot tell you how many people email me AFTER a drop to tell me how sad they are that they missed out and ask me why didn't I post the time and date more?
Well, I actually did but sadly, the algorithm is friend to none and sometimes my announcements and posts go very much unseen. I wish it weren't so but alas, these are the days we live in. 
So, don't miss out! Sign up for our fun Bitsy World News and be one of the FIRST to know! You will also be the first to preview EVERYTHING that will be available to choose from. Insta peeps won't get that so..... you know, it's worth it! 
I hope you join our exclusive Community! I can't wait to share all the sneak peeks and top secret stuff with you!