Traveling Dollhouse Backpack

Traveling Dollhouse Backpack

A DIY Dollhouse Backpack for Mini Dolls 

I don't know about you but my daughter has TONS of mini dolls and toys and of course, we need to take them with us everywhere we go. One day I thought....
Wouldn't it be nice to have a little backpack to shove them all into? Even better, wouldn't it be nice if that same backpack conveniently opened up into a magical little home for all those mini dolls?
Dollhouse backpack

Backpack Features 

There is a teeny bathtub, a spacious kitchen with a mini refrigerator, a sitting area, a bedroom with a snuggly bed and a wardrobe for storing all your Bitsy outfits! It's what childhood dreams are made of.
Child playing with dollhouse backpack
When you are done playing, you can zip up the sides, put your teeny friends snuggly inside and take it on the go!
Dollhouse backpack with mini dolls
The best part? You can totally DIY this! I turned my design into an easy step-by-step pattern. It is full of photo directions and lots of tips and tricks to help keep it all simple.
I hope you enjoy creating your own Dollhouse Backpack! 
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