Natural Dyes For our Mini Doll Accessories

Written by: Nia Macchia



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What Goes Into Naturally Dyed Mini Doll Accessories

I have been getting a lot of questions about my natural dye process and so I thought I would take a moment to go into a bit more detail about why and how I use natural dyes in my designs for our mini Bitsy dolls. 

Mini dolls next to dyed fabric.

Why we use natural dye for our mini doll accessories

All of the fabric I use for the Bitsy's mini doll accessories is either reclaimed, recycled or certified organic. I hand dye a lot of the fabric as well. Not only does this add a very special touch to each piece but natural dyes and a great, nontoxic alternative to using synthetic dyes, which cause damage to our planet. My mission with Bitsy World is to be as eco-friendly as we possibly can and so, I choose natural, plant based dyes when it comes to any dye project. 

Naturally dyed fabric for accessories.

In all honesty, I don't have time to dye ALL of the fabric I use but I do love to dye in large batches and since our mini doll accessories are so small, I can get by with dying a few yards every season or so. 

Mini dolls dressed in miniature clothes and accessories.

Dyes from the Garden

I have been experimenting with natural dyes for a few years and use the fabric I dye to create a lot of the mini doll accessories you see the Bitsy's wearing. My daughter and I just finished planting the seeds for this years dye garden and I am looking forward to the fall. 

Cultivating my own dye garden has been a transformative journey, especially when it comes to enhancing the charm of our Mini Doll Accessories. Having a dedicated space to grow plants for natural dyes not only adds a touch of DIY magic but also ensures a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to coloring these miniature cuties. With my personalized dye garden, I have control over the entire process, from planting and harvesting to creating unique hues for my Mini Doll Accessories. It's a rewarding endeavor that not only promotes a deeper connection to nature but also allows me to craft accessories with vibrant, plant-derived colors. I love diving into the world of hands-on creativity, where my dye garden becomes a source of inspiration, making each accessory a truly unique and nature-infused masterpiece.

For this round of mini doll accessories, I used cabbage, turmeric and avocado. (We don't have avocado in our dye garden but I save the skins and stones from the ones we purchase at the grocery store) 

The colors turned out amazing and the best part is, no yucky chemicals were used in the process of our mini doll accessories.

Mini Toys wearing naturally dyed fabric dresses.

What We Used To Dye Our Mini doll accessories 1. Avocado stone // 2. Turmeric // 3- 5. Cabbage 

The benefits of naturally dying our mini doll accessories

Well besides seeing how beautiful each piece comes out, most natural dyes also have antimicrobial properties which make them a safer choice for little hands. Safety for your little one and safety for our beautiful planet. Nature is beautiful and we want to conserve it the best we can. 

Choosing toys with natural dyes isn't just about vibrant colors; it's a conscious decision that comes with a multitude of benefits for children. Natural dyes, derived from plants, fruits, and other organic sources, provide a safer and healthier alternative to synthetic counterparts. These dyes are free from harmful chemicals, making them hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin. Moreover, opting for natural dyes aligns with eco-conscious choices, reducing the environmental impact of toy production. Beyond health and sustainability, natural dyes often boast rich and nuanced hues, stimulating a child's visual senses in a more authentic and vibrant way. By embracing toys adorned with natural dyes, parents can foster a safer, greener, and more sensory-enriched play environment for their little ones.

Mini doll wearing a naturally dyed fabric dress.

Additionally, choosing Mini Doll Accessories with natural dyes aligns with our eco-conscious decisions, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly toy option. Beyond health and sustainability, these accessories stimulate a child's visual senses authentically. 

When you choose our Mini Doll Accessories, you choose a safer, greener, and more sensory-enriched play environment for your little ones.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into what goes into each of our mini doll accessories and why I choose to hand dye as much as possible.  


Nia Macchia 

Bitsy World Creator/ Owner  

Mini doll accessories maker